Mariano was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina and left the country at an early age to move with his family to Venezuela. Its there in Caracas where his music career starts, playing in a few local bands. In 1994 alongside Octavio Suñe and Juan Pablo Solari, Mariano founds La Nave which went successfully through the radio stations and charts. La Nave was signed to Universal Records and a couple of albums were released. The band subsequently toured the main cities of Venezuela. Today, more than 10 years later, songs from La Nave are still heard in radio programs on mainstream stations in Venezuela where they have become some sort of ‘cult band’.
The new millennium brings a different life for Mariano, he moves to London in pursuit of further experiences. In 2007, he is invited by Javier Weyler (Stereophonics) to participate on his solo project Capitan Melao. Together they performed a number of times, including a concert at the Barbican Theatre in London, within La Linea Latin festival. Later on that year, two more concerts were given in Venezuela to popular acclaim in December 2007.

This was the trigger of it all, enthusiastic about being on stage again Mariano decides to spend some time composing his debut album as a solo artist.