The Album is a catalogue of sounds reflecting on Mariano’s life experiences in the UK combined with the influence of South American pop/rock music. Topics wander from broken and mended relationships, distant images of sunny South America and even the dangers of falling into a daily routine. Mariano didn't have a preconceived language, sound or musical style to aim for at the beginning of the project. This was mainly to ensure that the final result was as genuine as possible to his mood and ideas: ‘inspiration came from the most obvious and simplest things of life. From a long-term relationship falling to pieces, to somebody's eyes in a bar in town, fact and fiction are mixed to create each of the tracks’.

Conceived at his place (converted into a small home studio) in north London, three months of little contact with the external world, mainly the grocery shop around the corner, and Demons was created: Rock Beats (Caramelo); Downtempo Trip-Hop (Fear);Bossa sang in Spanish and Electro Beats (Sambita & Choices) are part of the eight track list that makes the intense sound of this debut album. The original songs were transformed into the final product by London-based producer Erik Aldrey (Le Pico, Amigos Invisibles, Tom Vek, Saraba Soul, Superthrillers).Collaborations on the album are diverse: from live to programmed drums by Javier Weyler (Stereophonics) and New York musician Seth Mowshowitz (Mujaji) respectively, to some bass guitars by the guys from Le Picó.

Demons illustrative artwork and photography is also a mix of talents, bringing together the fine drawings of Daniela Jaglenka Terrazzini and the lively photos created by fashion photographer Diana Gomez, who shot a series of pictures of Mariano floating in the air reflecting on the ethereal feeling of the songs. You can listen to the tracks in full by clicking on the track names on the right. You can also order the CD by clicking on the link below the list of songs.

Track Listing:

1. So Wrong
2. Caramelo
3. Many Years
4. Fear
5. The Horse Rise
6. Bossambits
7. Choices
8. Another Day

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